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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Please read a few stories on the site. Hint: If you subscribe to our newsletter, we know you've done your homework. 

For Big Ideas: We are looking for well-articulated, well-formulated pieces of creative non-fiction, including memoirs. Not sure what we publish? Follow us on Substack or check out our website. Max 3000 words. 

For Fiction: Esoterica looks for fiction that sticks with us for days. We ruminate about it in the shower and recount its key moments with our partners in bed.  It's beautiful or devastating or haunting but not in a horror-flick way. It tells us something about what it means to be human.

If that sounds like your piece, please submit to us. We tend to run literary fiction under 3000 words but if it’s a bit over, or not quite literary, just try us. We are also open minded so if it’s a play or a poem, we would still love to take a look and see how it goes. 

Esoterica Magazine